From the time of Alexander the Great, people have searched far and wide for that mythical, magical elixir purported to reverse the effects of time and make you young again. The stories have intrigued generations, and while the search today may not be specifically for that elusive Fountain of Youth; the essence of the pursuit is no different. Injections, plastic surgery and a myriad of products and services that promise to turn back the clock have many people willing to shell out hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for the chance to look and feel younger.

In reality, though, the best way to fight the signs of aging is to equip your body with everything it needs to function optimally, and naturally combat – or even reverse – the visible and not so visible effects of growing older. And one of the best products we’ve found to help you do just that is Orenda’s fabulous O-Tropin spray.

web_otropinNever seen in this particular combination before, O-Tropin has a proprietary blend of plant-based amino acids. But where O-Tropin truly stands apart from other anti-aging solutions is in its advanced liposome delivery system.

A liposome is like a tiny bubble, and in the case of O-Tropin, it’s equipped with a sort of GPS system. This amazing technology (similar to that used in pharmacology and even chemotherapy to enable doctors to deliver specific ingredients to specific targets) has been virtually untouched by the natural health industry… until now.

Orenda inserts the essential nutrients of O-Tropin into the liposomes and programs the destination for the pituitary, which is the master gland of the endocrine system that produces a variety of hormones (including the human growth hormone) to regulate metabolism, body temperature, sexual function, thyroid and adrenal function, and reproductive health. Of the many hormones the pituitary regulates, several of them are directly linked to the symptoms of aging. So it’s no surprise that, when the body has a healthy pituitary, you also see the following benefits:

~ More energy and better endurance
~ Healthy immune function
~ Healthy blood pressure
~ Normal sleep patterns
~ Healthy metabolism
~ More lean muscle mass
~ Healthy brain activity
~ Increased libido / sexual function

O-Tropin is easy to use – just spray it under your tongue, hold for 30 seconds and then swallow. One of the cornerstones of the Orenda line, it helps your body do what nature intended – rejuvenate itself from within. You’ll be amazed at how good you can feel!

To learn more, take a look at the short video below.

O-Tropin Video *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

O-Tropin is part of the Ultimate Pack of natural supplements, now available at Elements. Ask us how you can save 10-40% after your first purchase of Orenda products – your body will thank you!

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