The benefits of massage therapy cannot be overstated. A great massage’s ability to leave you feeling relaxed and tranquil can help improve your overall well-being.

The following massage benefits are just a few of the many reasons you should consider adding a monthly massage to your overall wellness program.

Massage Benefit #1: Stress Relief

Massage for Stress Relief

The symptoms and effects of stress have a negative impact on your health. They can affect you physically, emotionally and even contribute to health problems like heart disease and high blood pressure.

Studies have shown that massage can help combat the negative effects of stress by promoting muscle relaxation, naturally improving your mood, sleep quality, and even decreasing the level of stress hormones (called cortisol) in your body.

Massage Benefit #2: Get Your Posture Back on Track

Massage for improved posture

Most of us have been told countless times to “sit up straight” or “straighten up.” For those of us who ignore this advice, slouching or hunching over our desks can lead to an abundance of negative health effects caused by poor posture.

Poor posture can lead to:

  • Pain
  • Sore muscles
  • Nerve & blood vessel constriction
  • Increased stress
  • Poor mood & lowered motivation
  • Poor digestion

Massage can help to alleviate these symptoms by relaxing the tired muscles caused by poor posture. By relaxing these muscles, your body is able to relax into its natural alignment. Throughout the course of multiple massage therapy sessions, your muscles become loosened, joints are relaxed and the pressure points causing you pain are relieved.

Massage Benefit #3: Disconnect and Relax

Relaxing warm stone massage

A massage is an invitation to take a break from our busy schedules, disconnect from the world around us, and truly relax.

A massage naturally produces an effect called the “relaxation response.” You begin to breathe deeply, your heart rate slows, blood pressure decreases, and your muscles unwind and relax. Some studies have found this deep state of relaxation to increase the levels of serotonin, the chemical which helps maintain a positive mood, in the body.

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