If you listen to the radio, you’ve probably heard Kaiser Permanente’s new ad campaign about that three-letter word that rhymes with rug and has some great health benefits. That’s right – it’s a hug. And the health benefits are real. There is strong medical evidence that human contact of this nature reduces stress and can actually lower blood pressure.

Additional studies have gone even further, correlating similar (and more) health benefits to spa treatments – especially those involving massage. So if you’ve ever felt that your spa days were something of a guilty pleasure – read on!

Researchers and medical facilities here and abroad have found some interesting statistics in studies about workplace stress and massage. The World Health Organization calls stress the biggest epidemic of the 21st Century – one that costs American employers alone over $300 billion per year. This cost is manifested in absenteeism, tardiness, lower productivity, worker’s comp claims, employee turnover and other medical and insurance-related expenses.

Business News Daily, after a survey of workers in the US, found that nearly half of them suffer from moderate to severe stress – and that it impacts their job performance. The good news, though, is found in studies from noted Medical Centers, and reported in publications like the Wall Street Journal, confirming positive, measurable health benefits from spa treatments and massage. Whether full-body, facial, foot or scalp, these benefits have been medically verified (in some cases there was marked improvement after just one single treatment):

~ Better immune function
~ Lower blood pressure and heart rates
~ Decreased levels of cortisol (the stress hormone)
~ Improved concentration
~ Better sleep quality
~ Injury prevention and improved recovery

So the next time you wonder whether your trip to the spa is a luxury indulgence or a part of your plan for better health, remember what the facts show. Eat well, exercise regularly and come see us for a massage. We’ll throw in the hug for free!