Here at Elements, we have a wonderful, talented and caring team. We thought you might enjoy getting to know us a little better, so we decided to post a series of bios about your favorite technicians. To start things off, meet Shalice Thomas…

Shalice ThomasBorn and raised in Sonoma County, Shalice is truly a West County gal. With over ten years experience, she has followed her passions into a career that lets her combine the two things she loves most – art and people.

Having trained at the Healing Arts Institute in Sacramento, Zenzi Beauty College in San Francisco and Calistoga Massage Therapy in Santa Rosa, she is a master nail tech and a fabulous massage therapist.

“Massage is a form of art – like a dance – it’s a hands-on art, the art of healing. And doing nails is just using a different canvas for creating something beautiful.”

Drawn to the beauty industry as a teenager, she wanted to become a make-up artist. Before applying for a scholarship, she felt she should make sure it was really what she wanted. The first step was working the front desk at a spa, learning the industry from the inside. It confirmed for her that she was on the right path.

After receiving her scholarship and completing her training, she worked in a variety of environments, from small boutiques to large corporate spas, but prefers the more personal, intimate nature of small spas where she can really get to know her clients.

Gentle but assertive, strong yet soothing, Shalice loves to ‘nurture the un-nurtured’ – busy clients who work hard and don’t always get the opportunity to do a lot for themselves. “Being able to give them a short respite from their busy lives brings me a lot of joy.” Shalice refers to this as ‘positive intention’, both the work she does and the art of ‘just listening’ in an effort to make their lives a little better in the hour or so she spends with them. There’s a personal reward in this as well. “Massage is the only thing in my life that shuts me off – it’s like a form of meditation. It’s a blank space where it’s as healing for me as it is for my clients.”

Shalice continues to hone her craft with a passionate dedication to continued education. In this way, she can combine the best techniques with personalized treatments that are tailored to the specific needs of each and every client.

While her work is a ‘critical part of who I am’, Shalice finds her own peace in the great outdoors. And when the ocean, river or mountains are a bit too far away for the time at hand, there’s always retail therapy. “I love to shop and I love fashion. My favorites? Shoes and jewelry!”