Massage Therapy

Let all of your cares fade away. Release tension in tired muscles, promote a sense of tranquility and heightened well-being with one of our massage treatments.
New to massage therapy? Not sure which massage is right for you? Use the links below to learn about the health benefits and different kinds of massages.

Health Benefits of Massage Choosing Your Massage Style

The Plaza Classic Massage

60min $110 | 75min $125 | 90min $145

This European-style Swedish massage leaves you balanced and refreshed with a heightened sense of well-being. A truly nurturing massage, it uses long, soothing, fluid strokes to melt away stress and induce a state of total relaxation while stimulating circulation and easing tension.

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The Tension Tamer Massage

60min $125 | 75min $150 | 90min $170

A therapeutic deep tissue massage that focuses on stubborn problem areas and aids in removing toxins from the body. Applying medium to very firm pressure on key pressure points and using long, deep strokes, this intense therapy targets specific muscle groups and stimulates the body’s natural healing process. It helps re-educate your muscles to move freely and painlessly.

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Plaza Signature Massage

110min $210

This amazing treatment combines all the most pleasurable elements we offer into one truly amazing experience. Every last detail will be tailored to your unique preferences and skin type. You’ll first snuggle into a soft robe and relax with a warm neck wrap while sipping a soothing cup of Jasmine Blossom tea. You’ll then be treated to an aromatic foot soak amidst floating flowers, a revitalizing foot scrub and a soothing foot massage. Next, a full body massage using a warm, custom-blended cream incorporates elements of Swedish, deep tissue and hot rock massage to soothe tight muscles. A facial cleanse and massage, personalized specifically for your skin and, as a final indulgence, a scalp massage, will ensure that you have been pampered from head to toe. This is a remarkably soothing experience that will transform both body and mind.

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Great Expectations Massage

60min $115 | 75min $130 | 90min $150

Using only products that are safe for both Mom and baby, this relaxing side-lying massage is appropriate for women who are 16 weeks or more into their pregnancy. Soft pillows propped around your body will ensure utmost comfort as you slip into a state of tranquility and your tired, aching muscles relax. A light to medium touch reduces tension that causes cramps and spasms while increasing circulation and calming swelling associated with pregnancy.

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It’s A Date Massage

Swedish: 60min $225 | 90min $305
Deep Tissue: 60min $255 | 90min $345

Share in the indulgence! This treatment is perfect for two to celebrate a special occasion or ‘just because’. Massages are performed side-by-side in the same room.

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Melt My Stress Away Massage

90min $155

An ancient form of healing, this thermal-style massage uses heated, smoothly rounded stones coated in rich oils to soothe away aches and penetrate warmth deep into the muscle. The warm stones glide over your skin, melting away tension and inducing a profound sense of relaxation.

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The Quick Fix Massage

Swedish: 30min $60
Deep Tissue: 30min $65

Great if you’re short on time – or just need a little pick-me-up! Your therapist will use various techniques to loosen tight muscles in your back, neck and shoulders to alleviate pain and stress.

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Add Ons

(Must accompany a full treatment)

  • Aromatherapy $15
  • CBD Enhancement $25
  • Facial Massage (15min) $25
  • Aromatic Scalp Massage (15min) $25
  • Oh, My Achy Feet (15min) $25