Meet the mastermind behind every Elements experience – founder, owner and operator Heather Marsh. A Licensed esthetician, Massage Therapist and Nail Technician, she has mastered the art of combining a healthy dose of pampering with each effective treatment to deliver results while ushering clients into a state of complete relaxation.

From the interior design to the product line, the treatments to the ambiance; Elements is Heather’s baby and she’s nurtured it well. But it’s been an interesting journey…

In college, Heather nourished her creative nature, majoring in photography and studying art and interior design. But she knew herself well enough to realize neither was the career for her. “I didn’t want to photograph weddings. If I was going to pursue photography, I wanted it to be fashion photography – and that’s really hard to break into,” she says. “I also knew myself well enough to understand that it would be difficult for me to design to someone else’s taste.” A job in telecommunications provided her livelihood, but it never fulfilled her passion. And then came Hawaii…
In 2001, an opportunity presented itself to move to Maui. So Heather packed up and headed for surf, sand and tropical trade winds. Little did she know how big an impact that decision would have. While the original plan was for a 6-month ‘life experience’, what ensued was a much bigger, life-changing experience.

While living and working in Maui, Heather discovered Spa Luna and embarked on a journey she’s never regretted. A holistic school for estheticians and massage therapy, Spa Luna enjoys an international reputation for training outstanding technicians. And while Heather’s original intent was to enroll in the massage program, fate once again stepped in and guided her path. It would be a year before she could take the massage training, so she instead enrolled in the esthetician program…and discovered her true calling and passion. This, finally, was a path that offered her the creativity she craved and the control to direct her own destiny.

After graduating, Heather moved back to the mainland, working in other spas and learning the business side of things. But the more she saw how other spas worked, the more she became convinced she could do it better. “My OCD kicked in,” she says. “I’m really particular about how things are done. It’s the little things that are so often overlooked – and they make a real difference.”
So, with three licenses under her belt (esthetician, massage therapist and nail technician), she ventured out on her own – first working from her home, then moving to a small suite, next expanding to the beautiful spa overlooking The Plaza in Healdsburg.