The benefits of massage therapy are no secret. The ability to soothe, improve, and alleviate a variety of aches and pains are well known. This is especially true in the capable hands of a professional massage therapist whose therapeutic touch not only eases one’s weary body but also their spirit. When skilled hands are paired with calming music, aromas, and lighting the experience created is seriously relaxing.

But resting on our laurels just isn’t a part of our character. Always seeking improvement, it makes sense that when we discover new products and services that can create deeper relaxation and increase the effectiveness of massage therapy, we’re all over it.

Elements Day Spas is happy to introduce to our clients a new level of relaxation with the restorative attributes of CBD enhanced massage therapy.

Upgrade to CBD Massage Therapy

Growing in popularity throughout the spa world, CBD infused balms, lotions, and oils are turning skeptics into believers in the course of a single massage session. For good reason too, CBD has the unique status of being completely natural and is quickly becoming an innovative ingredient in the management of both pain and anxiety.

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a cannabis compound derived from high-quality hemp. It is not mind-altering or habit forming. When absorbed through the skin, it bonds with the body’s own CB2 receptors found within nerve and immune cells. The anti-inflammatory and pain reducing components alleviate inflammation within muscles and joints allowing your massage therapist to be more effective.

Beyond CBD’s pain-relieving ability, it is also known for its anti-anxiety attributes, serving to lower stress and anxiety without the need for potentially habit-forming pharmaceutical drugs. This too will improve the effects of massage therapy, allowing one to truly let go of their daily stresses and fully accept the benefits of massage in both mind and body.

What You Can Expect During Your CBD Massage

During your chosen style of massage, a CBD-infused balm will be applied to your problem areas just like any other massage topical. It contains a groundbreaking blend of pure CBD Extract with powerful pain relievers Lidocaine and Menthol in a pure Hempseed Oil base. The Hempseed Oil is rich in fatty acids plus over a dozen vitamins and minerals – and it’s anti-inflammatory properties drastically decrease skin dryness while alleviating itching and reducing irritation. The final ingredient is Arnica Extract which, when applied to the skin, helps reduce the pain and swelling associated with bruises, aches, and sprains. This combination of energizing pain relievers is ideal for advanced and complementary pain management.

When first applied it will feel like the beginning of any other massage session. Your massage therapist’s hands will glide along your sore and inflamed muscles according to your desired pressure or firmness. Soon thereafter, a refreshing scent and cooling sensation take effect allowing you to switch your focus from the discomfort you came in with to a growing sense of calm and relaxation.

As your aches and pains dissipate and your stress begins to dissolve, the CBD works to decrease inflammation and lower anxiety, and you’ll find yourself drifting into a deep state of relaxation. It is here that the real benefits of a CBD enhanced massage can be realized. For when you are completely relaxed, your massage therapist can deliver the most effective treatment. Knots seem to melt away as your muscles let go of the tension they hold and your joints will find renewed mobility as they too loosen and rest.

Muscle pain, soreness, and spasms seemingly evaporate. Joint and nerve pain caused by inflammation recede and diminish. CBD massage is a sensory stimulation the likes of which you must experience to appreciate. When your session ends you’ll wish it hadn’t and you will leave with a calm and tranquil awareness of your relaxed state that will follow you throughout your day.

Self-Care, Recovery, & Well-Being at Elements Day Spas

Reducing pain, inflammation, and anxiety will lead to deeper relaxation and, by extension, a more effective massage session. Combined with the proven experience of the massage therapists at Elements Day Spas, a CBD enhanced massage is a truly therapeutic renewal of both body and mind.

Many of our clients have been asking for some time about the benefits of CBD infused products and services. We are happy to now be able to offer a CBD Upgrade to any Swedish, Deep Tissue or Hot Rock massage treatment. Call or come into location in Healdsburg to learn more about what a CBD enhanced massage therapy session can do for you.